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This is the place to share your best soup experiences with those who love soup as much as you do. Have photos of your proudest soup moments? Yes, please share those too!

Remember my story about the lasagna recipe calling for a clove of garlic

Or my failed attempts at making dumplings like my mother-in-law?

Now, I'd love to hear your stories... Share your best soup experiences, your proudest soup making moments, even your most embarrassing mess-ups. 

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Soup Cookery

Do you have a fun or inspiring story about making soup? Share it!

Tell us about your experience! What kind of soup did you make? Why was it special? What did you love most about making soup from scratch?

Mouth-Watering Chicken Soup Recipes

Do you have a special memory involving soup that brings back thoughts of happy times?

Tell us your story! What made the moment special? Was it the person or people you were with? Was it the soup? Was there a special soup that always accompanied a favorite event?

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