Vegetable Soup Recipes

Savor Your Favorite
at the Peak of Perfection

Vegetable soup recipes fill our tureens with a profusion of rich colors and amazing flavors. But vegetables are more than just colorful and delicious. 

Abounding with so many skin-nourishing nutrients, they could be considered one of nature’s beauty treatments.

Help You Look and Feel Your Best

Soups help us look our best -- especially when they are made with an abundance of nutrient-rich, low-calorie, high-fiber vegetables.

The skin-nourishing nutrients in vegetables help keep our skin supple, hydrated, and glowing. And being low in calories and high in fiber, they help fill us up without filling us out.

Many vegetables even contain mood enhancing nutrients which help reduce tension and fight anxiety. These beautiful “care packages” delivered by nature help keep us looking and feeling our best.

Bowls of creamy vegetable soup recipes. #SoupSoFine

Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Vegetable Soup Recipes

Creamy Vegetable Soup Recipes Deliver Generous Health Benefits

Creamy vegetable soups can be made with or without liberal amounts of milk, heavy cream, and butter. In place of these dairy products one can use a potato, rice, or more of the main starchy vegetable as a thickener.

But if you prefer the taste of traditional recipes, research indicates that dairy foods offer generous health benefits, regardless of the fat level. Dairy products have been shown to improve bone health, heart health, and even play an important role in weight management. 

Made with or without liberal amounts of milk, cream, or butter, these creamy vegetable soup recipes are rich with nutrition.

Roasting: A Fun and Easy Way to Intensify Flavor

Roasting vegetables is an excellent way to intensify the overall flavor of many soups, especially those featuring root vegetables. During roasting, a process called caramelization converts the sugars within the plant cells into a complex and flavorful treat. 

Deglazing Captures Every Browned Bit of Flavor

After removing the roasted vegetables from the baking dish, the flavorful browned bits remaining can be collected by adding some wine or stock and scraping with a wooden spoon to loosen them from the pan. Pouring this rich deglazing liquid back over the soup ingredients maximizes the benefits of roasting. 

These flavor enhancing techniques add an exciting dimension to soup making.

Purée to a Lovely Creaminess

One of the final steps in creating a lovely cream soup involves puréeing the vegetables with fine ingredients, including a quality stock. 

Add Some Dazzle to Your Day with These Vegetable Soup Recipes…

Like deep, warm happiness -- these fine and flavorful soups satisfy...


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