The Romance of Soup Making...
How Soup Delights the Senses

Experience the romance of soup making that pleases the senses and comforts the soul. 

At its finest, soup making bestows happiness as freely as the sun bestows light!

It has the ability to charm our senses - accompanying us from the selection of ingredients to the enjoyment of each delicious spoonful.

Behold the Vibrancy of Color

In most of our markets today, we find beautiful arrays of fresh vegetables on display - clean, flawless, and vibrant in color - like shiny gems in a jeweler’s showcase.

And even if we don’t have a recipe ready and waiting for a particular ingredient, we can't help but pause and admire the bounty before us. 

Soup So

Enjoy the Cool Rush of Water over Your Skin

Enjoy the cool rush of clear water running over your skin. Hear it splash and see it add luster to the life-giving pearls of nutrition you hold in your hands — varying shades of green, orange, and red.

Ivory heads of garlic wrapped in their papery blankets… onions, crisp and full and round…long, slender carrots - gleam orange and bright...and stalks of celery still glisten from the cascading water.

Your favorite cutting board takes its place on the counter. And the romance of soup making continues to play upon your senses.

You peel back the crispy, translucent layers of onion, the cloves of garlic are freed of their covering, the carrots have been peeled, and the celery thoroughly washed. With adept movements of your sharp and steady knife you slice through — your knife raps with satisfaction against the hardwood surface below.

Their fleeting fragrances merrily dance… announcing the earth’s enduring provision.

Appreciate the Sizzling Melody Presented by Nature’s Ensemble 

Tall and shiny, your stock pot awaits.

Add some olive oil , apply some heat, and you’re ready to add the aromatics. With a pinch of salt held between your fingers, you experience its flaky texture and release the granules with a sprinkling swirl over the pot.

As the heated oil reacts with the combination of earth-given orange, green, and white, a faint murmur slowly grows into a sizzling melody as the aromatics soften and begin to release their flavors.

Breathe in the Delightful Aromas Wafting Across Your Hearth

Aaaah. Close your eyes, breathe in deeply, and enjoy...

With each additional step, layers of flavor are coaxed and created. And then… it is time for you to do n-o-t-h-i-n-g at all. Left to peacefully simmer, the soup’s savory aroma wafts across your cozy hearth like fine music across a lush courtyard.

Let the romance of soup making and the blissful serenity of the moment take you away - to your secret mountain hideaway - picturesque, quiet, tucked away among lofty pines. There you are - fireside in an overstuffed chair, with a novel and a glass of your favorite wine …

Applaud the Flavor Delivered in Every Spoonful

At last, your masterpiece is ready to be savored. It's everything you had hoped it would be, delicious in every way.

Celebrate the Beauty and Romance of Soup Making

All is well. From the selection of ingredients to the moment your lovingly mastered recipes are tasted and enjoyed — the romance and blessings of soup making abound - as plentiful as wildflowers in a meadow.

Celebrate the beauty and the warming goodness of fine soup… for it soothes like the caresses of angels.

For more information on how to get started making your own fine soups see Soup Cookery: A Guide.

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Soup So